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Standard: ISO 1461:2009, AS/NZS 4534/W05Z5A

NZ Fencing Solutions gates are fully hot dipped galvanised (after full saddle welding) to a minimum of 500 gr/m2. NZ Fencing Solutions mesh gates have a 42mm frame while the barred gates are available with either a 32mm or 42mm frame.

Seven different length sheep yard gates are carried in stock as well as drafting gates.

Six different length cattle yard gates are carried in stock.

Heavy duty deer gates are carried in stock.

Full specs for each type of gate are available below.

We do not carry economy gates as part of our range as we believe that it is false economics to use lightweight gates. Using heavy duty  instead of light gates doesn't add much cost to the overall total of a fence line .The heavy gates will far outlast a lightweight gate.