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New Zealand Fencing Solutions wire is made in New Zealand

New Zealand Fencing Solutions wire is made from virgin ore, it is not made from recycled material. This results in good consistent wire with no impurities in it. This is important as you can get impurities in recycled products which result in weak points.

We supply a full range of high quality NEW ZEALAND MADE wire. The only imported wire we supply is two types of Iowa Barbed Wire. We also supply New Zealand made Barbed Wire in 4 specs.
New Zealand Fencing Solutions supplies New Zealand Made wire so that we can guarantee the quality of every coil. 

This wire is designed and manufactured for the extreme coastal conditions that are common in New Zealand.

3.15 mm, 3.55 mm and the 4 mm wire are ideal for horse fences as they are more visual and elastic than high tensile wire. 

New Zealand Fencing Solutions supplies a full range of New Zealand made wire, this wire is available from 1.6 mm to 4.5 mm. It is available in high and low tensile and either zinc/alloy or straight zinc coating. 3.15 mm stainless steel wire is available and is ideal for where the wire comes into contact with the ground.