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We have some exciting new products to add to our range.

Conservation Fencing.

We have designed a conservation fence that uses galvanized y posts and T Irons. The Y Posts and T Irons are stamped so that they can either have netting with extra wires above and below resulting in a higher than normal fence or they can be driven in further and the fence will be closer to a standard height. There are numerous advantages using this type of fence rather than a conventional fence. Some of them are the ability to build a quality fence without having to doze a fence line which saves money and you don't end up with a scar on the hill which is an eyesore. A hugely reduced labour component, as this type of fence is a lot faster to build than a conventional sheep proof conservation fence. Because the fence is all steel apart from the end strainers, the risk of damage from fire is hugely reduced. This type of fence is ideal for any fence line that is difficult to access.

Rural Fencal.

Rural Fencal is an app that we have designed. Rural Fencal is designed so that the user can compare up to 5 different fence designs side by side to enable the user to quickly and accurately design the type of fence they want. Once the user has input the different data into Rural Fencal it gives a per metre price and a total fence price for each of the 5 types of fencing.The price comparison section of Rural Fencal uses New Zealand Fencing Solutions website prices to produce the fence costs. Once the user selects the option that they want to proceed with, Rural Fencal will produce a list of the required materials for the selected option. This list is in an email form. It can  be sent directly to any suppliers  the user wants to receive a quote from.

Sheep Yard Panel.

We have designed a permanent sheep yard panel as an option rather than a conventional wooden yard. These panels are 3m long, they are not attached permanently to the posts. They have channel steel that is attached to the posts at either end and the panels. This system is really fast and simple to install and when you need to clean out the yards you simply lift out the panels. The top 30 cm of the panels has vertical bars to reduce the risk of stock and dogs catching a leg.

Daveles Post.

The Daveles post is designed and manufactured in New Zealand. It is a galvanized steel post that is used where a y post or waratah would have traditionally been used. A huge advantage is the unique method of attaching the wires or netting. The time saved on installation is massive and with current labour costs, this is a big advantage over traditional systems . Customized slot spaces to suit the fence required are available. Whether you require them for beefing up an old fence or building a new one, the Daveles posts will impress you.

Vicebite Stay Brackets.

The Vicebite stay brackets are designed and manufactured in Australia. They are a galvanized steel bracket that has a unique method of gripping the post so they can not move. They save significant labour which is a big benefit these days. The Vicebite is simple to use and requires minimal skills to use efficiently. The Vicebite can be used with both box section and angle stay assemblies.